Child Care Info (FAQ)

Q. What makes your child care facility different from all of the others?
A. There are so many programs to choose from in the area. We offer a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of child development coupled with teachers who are committed to caring for children on an individual basis . We make the time to know each child and their interests and base our program on their ever changing needs.

Q. Will my child be watching television while at preschool or child care?
A. No. We use our time during the day to exercise our bodies and our minds and engage in social situations and activities.

Q. What is your group size and teacher/child ratio?
A. We keep our group sizes small, to ensure the success of our Mission. Our ratios are as follows: Infant/Toddler program – 1:4, Toddler program – 1:5, Preschool program – 1:7 and School-Age program – 1:13

Q. Will the staff comfort my child if they are sad?
A. Yes. We believe that young children need to feel safe, loved and respected in order to get the most out of their experiences. Our group sizes remain small enough to allow us the time to provide this personal attention while your children are young and really need it.

Q. Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend your Preschool Program?
A. No. We work with families and children on this milestone when the children are ready. We do, however, find that many children become interested in training once they are around their peers.

Q. What kind of guidance/discipline will my child receive while at the child care or preschool?
A. We strive to create a positive environment for children while they are in our care. We believe that with clear boundaries and consistent follow through from the teachers children prefer to make good choices.

Child holding a pumpkin on fieldtrip with Children's Time Child CareQ. Are parents welcome to participate through visits or volunteering?
A. Yes. We love family participation and have lots of opportunities like fieldtrips, story time, project preparation or classroom participation.

Q. Who can I talk to when I have questions or concerns?
A. All of our teachers can answer most questions regarding your child’s day. For program questions or matters of a sensitive nature, our Director is very accessible either by phone, email or in person.

Q. What type of training does the staff have?
A. Our teachers have a wide array of training and education from early childhood education to health and nutrition, special needs to curriculum planning, and much more. All teachers are CPR/First Aid certified.

Q. Do you require background checks on all of your employees?
A. Yes. We require all new employees provide an acceptable fingerprint background check before beginning employment with the Company.

Q. Do you take fieldtrips with the children?
A. Yes. We take many field trips with our preschool and school-age children during the spring, summer and fall. These trips usually coincide with our current theme at the time and always require prior parental permission,

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