Preschool Program

How will you know when your child is ready for a structured preschool program?

Most children are ready for preschool sooner then we might think. Some of the indicators are

  1. Is your child looking for you to “entertain” them more?
  2. Has your child taken an interest in being part of a group in social situations?
  3. Do you notice your child spending more time “reading” to their stuffed animals or using a toy golf club as a telescope?

If so, chances are they’re ready. These are all signs that your child is ready to expand his/her creativity and begin the journey to being a part of a structured learning environment.

Children’s Time Preschool Program

Maine Toddler Care - Three of the children all dressed upOur preschool program serves children between the ages of three years through five years and is held Monday through Friday, from 8:45am to 12:45pm.  All children who attend full day childcare in our preschool program participate in our preschool curriculum at no additional charge.  Parents seeking only half day preschool for their child can choose from two mornings per week up to five mornings per week.

Our preschool curriculum is created to peak the interest of the children enrolled each year, while addressing the learning goals of the program.

* Personal and social development
* Creative arts
* Health and physical education
* Early language and literacy
* Math, science and social studies

Our Preschool Schedule

  8:45 – Arrival
  8:55 – Morning Snack
  9:30 – Morning Meeting (calendar, weather, etc.)
  9:40 – Free Choice
10:00 – Creative Art and Activities
 10:30 – Outside Play
  11:45 – Circle Time (group singing, stories, etc.)
  12:10 – Lunch
  12:45 – Departure

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